Tuscaloosa Post-Storm Research Reports

Tuscaloosa Residential Reports

In response to the events of April 27, 2011, ACRE and the Tuscaloosa Association of REALTORS (TAR) have partnered in an effort to provide research on the impact and subsequent market trends stemming from that unimaginable day. The following reports focus on the Second Quarter (April/May/june), taking into account six calendar years (2007-2012) of residential  data. The research includes one report on the entire Tuscaloosa Residential Market (below) and nine selected submarkets. For the end-users convenience, the submarkets are organized by AREAS consistent with the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Three AREAS (2,3 & 10) were identified as those primarily in the path of the tornado. Real estate is local and ACRE recommends that you consult your local realtor for "specific" advice associated with your market. Use this link to contact a Tuscaloosa area Realtor.


Submarket (AREA) Quarterly Reports

Note: Submarkets presented & organized by School System & Zone(Elementary):

Tuscaloosa City School System

AREA 1 (Verner/Rock Quarry):                                                1Q-2015

AREA 2 (Central/University Place/MLK):                                  2Q-2012  3Q-2012  4Q-2012  1Q-2013

AREA 3 (Alberta/Arcadia):                                                      2Q-2012  3Q-2012  4Q-2012  1Q-2013

AREA 4 (Oakdale/MLK):                                                          2Q-2012  3Q-2012 4Q-2012 1Q-2013

AREA 5 (Skyland/Northington/Woodland Forrest/Southview):   2Q-2012   3Q-2012  4Q-2012  1Q-2013

Tuscaloosa County School System

AREA 6 (Crestmont/Flatwoods/Faucett/Matthews):                  2Q-2012  3Q-2012  4Q-2012  1Q-2013

AREA 8 (Huntington Place/Walker):                                         2Q-2012  3Q-2012  4Q-2012  1Q-2013

AREA 10 (Brookwood/Cottondale/Holt/Vance/Lakewview):      2Q-2012  3Q-2012  4Q-2012  1Q-2013

AREA 11 (Taylorville/Englewood/Maxwell):                              2Q-2012  3Q-2012  4Q-2012  1Q-2013

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